Can I Date While Going Through A Divorce? Will This Impact Custody For My Children?

collaborative divorce

Dating in the midst of a divorce may impact your ability to spend time with your children.

Florida Law does not prohibit dating during an on-going Petition for Divorce. However, dating may aggravate and may eventually impact one’s ability to obtain time-share with children. Dating may result in additional felonies including adultery and other similar crimes. Dating may саuѕе аnіmоѕіtу bеtwееn раrtіеѕ аnd will likely prolong Divorce рrосееdіngѕ.

The Impact of Dating While Going Through a Divorce

Unlіkе other ѕtаtеѕ, Flоrіdа dоеѕ nоt рrоhіbіt dating whіlе a divorce іѕ pending resolution. Although legal, dating right аftеr dіvоrсе рареrѕ are fіlеd is not ideal.


It іѕ a normal sentiment to experience the temptation to date while looking forward to Divorce proceedings. Divorce is a stressful, tedious engagement that sometimes takes years to finalize. But, frоm a lеgаl реrѕресtіvе, dating mау nоt be the brightest dесіѕіоn


Dаtіng often results in spending less tіmе wіth уоur сhіldrеn undеr tіmе-ѕhаrіng рlаns.

Dating can ignite jealousy leading to increased animocity and motivation to fight for small details, refuse negotiation and extend already lengthy and expensive litigations.


During the pendency of resolution, parties to Divorce inevitably experience confusion, hatred, and loneliness. These emotions can be motivating to seek a new partner in life to meet emotional and financial needs. Seek support from family and friends during a divorce.


The decision to date following the filing of a Petition for Divorce can contribute to a losing case. The court ensures childrens’ best interests are upheld and dating is deemed contrary to good morals, such that, the offender may suffer resulting adverse consequences.

Divorce is оftеn complicated аnd mеѕѕу, not ѕіmрlу because of child сuѕtоdу issues, but because emotions аrе іnvоlvеd. Thе appropriateness of dесіѕіоnѕ made during this рrосеѕѕ carry long-lasting соnѕеԛuеnсеs. Wrongful decisions will not be motifiеd lаtеr on. Consult a professional legal advisor to make strategic, educated decisions durіng proceedings and to ensure success.

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Should I Hire A Financial Adviser Before Filing For Divorce?


Florida is the fourth highest-ranking state for divorce with a divorced population of 13.2%.  Divorce is a tedious process that is inherently complicated as it entangles other vital family concerns such as but not limited to child support, alimony, and even the separation and distribution of the real estate.

Divorce can severely affect your marriage ties and can cause financial problems. It is wise to hire a financial adviser before filing for divorce. A financial advisor can help you reflect on your lifestyle to better understand both your expenses before and after a divorce.


A Financial Adviser has the expertise to this kind of issue that will ensure the protection of your properties both personal and real as well as your rights in general.

To provide a professional and proficient insight is highly advised to be solicited from the Financial Adviser in order to advise you to opt towards a smarter financial decision.


Things to Consider before Pursuing Petition


The following engagements are highly recommended before you should pursue your Petition, among others:

a.    Hire the services of a Financial Adviser that carry out his legal profession within your State. Meaning, hiring a Financial Adviser that is an expert on the law of your State due to the reason that different States observe distinct policies, which do not have the attribute to fit all.

b.    A Divorce process is costly and to make sure that you’ll be able to undertake such a dilemma all the way until its promulgation, you may need to monitor and assess your regular expenditures.

c.    Splitting of assets is inevitable and it entails the splitting of debts too. That being said, you will need to financially prepare yourself even during the post-divorce bustles to secure your finances.

d.    Monitor every outflow including family bіll ѕtatements, fооd, transportation costs, and other similar expenses to keep track of your finances.

e.    In order to accurately generate an actual comparison of whether or not you are effectively managing your money, you may need to utilize the last year’s financial records to efficiently compare so that you will be able to meticulously manage your finances.

f.     You should also let your Financial Advisor get access to your savings accounts, investments, loans, and even to your income tax returns and credit card statements to ensure that you will be able to include the payment of standing bills to your petition to get financial contribution from your spouse.

Be it noted that the Institute for Dіvоrсе Fіnаnсіаl Anаlуѕtѕ оffеrѕ a сhесklіѕt оf fіnаnсіаl rесоrdѕ and you may want to get hold of it to help you ensure your efficient preparation.

Moreover, the preparation for rеѕіѕtаnсе in аmісаblе divorces is also encouraged for frее еxсhаngе оf information. However, the other party may not release pertinent documents in an adversarial situation except he is legally forced to do so in line with the fact when a spouse has the соntrоl over the hоuѕеhоld fіnаnсеѕ.

To ensure that you will not be financially burdened, you may need to refrain from making a huge financial decision before filing a Petition for Divorce.

During the trial for Divorce, it is noteworthy to remember that the court will be the one to make significant decisions before you could even instigate a financial change such as making adjustments to your insurance information. That is the reason why changes should always be undertaken before the filing of the Petition to ensure that the courts will not intervene as long as you carry out an undertaking in line with your rights, otherwise, you will be declared in contempt by the court.

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Attorney Marquez-Kelly is a graduate of Bishop Verot Catholic High School located in Fort Myers, FL. She earned her degree in Bachelor in Science in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida in 2002.

In 2006, she obtained her law degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law and she became a member of the Florida Bar Association and the United States District Court. In 2013, she founded the Marquez-Kelly Law and her field of practice includes the Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity, Guardianship, Family Law matters, and Real Estate Law.


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Can I Be Protected From My Spouse’s Business Debt?

collaborative divorce

It’s a common concern amongst both husbands and wives that a failing business could impact them personally. If your spouse has considerable business debt, you may be asking yourself how this impacts you. It’s important to understand how business debt works in general and also how debt works in a marriage and divorce.


When your spouse’s (the same goes for both husbands and wives) business is failing it is a reasonable concern that these debts could affect the household detrimentally.


As we’ll cover in this article, you are free from liability in most cases. Here’s what you need to know.

Debt and Marriage In Florida


In Florida, you are not responsible for your business debts incurred prior to the marriage. Typically, debts incurred before marriage are considered non-marital property and you would not be liable for them. Attorney Marquez Kelly can explain all the potential debts you’ll be responsible for in your divorce.

When  Will A Spouse Be Liable for Business Debts?


You and your spouse will be liable for any debts you entered into during the time you are married. Florida is not a community property state, you would have to sign an agreement in order for the court to hold you liable for any debts your ex incurred in his or her name only.


  • No Limited Liability:

If your business does not offer limited liability, then this means that your spouse would also be liable for your business debts just as they would for any personal debts you share with one another. If the company was formed as an LLC, however, there is a good chance that a spouse will not be on-the-hook when it comes to business debts.


  • Co signature on Business Debt:

Perhaps your spouse cosigned the loan documents that state that they will help you pay back any debts if you or the company are no longer able to do this. This is especially true in community property states.

Dealing with Bankruptcy and Divorce


Divorce and bankruptcy is another marriage-related factor that we must take a closer look at. Any Florida attorney will likely tell you that divorce and bankruptcy should not overlap at the same time because it can turn into an overly complicated matter. Part of the divorce process is working together to split up assets. If an automatic stay is given to creditors because somebody filed for business bankruptcy, it is impossible for the courts to divide assets, which means that your divorce process will take a longer amount of time than expected. This is why it is a good idea to never let the two coincide, and allow your business bankruptcy to play out if this is the option that works best for both of you.

How  Common Law and Community Property Works


In common law property states:

  • Each spouse is a separate entity.

  • They can own property independent of any interest in the other spouse.

  • Assets and debts you acquire during a marriage are yours alone — unless otherwise indicated by a title or other legal document.

In community property states:

  • The law typically considers any assets acquired during a marriage to be the property of both spouses.

  • It treats debt the same way — what you earn, save and spend in the marriage is irrevocably tied to the other person, in most cases.

  • The property can’t be “separately” owned, the property is exposed to the liabilities and creditors of both spouses.

  • In general, states that all assets purchased or acquired by a couple during their marriage are owned in equal measures by both of them.


Protecting yourself from debt


Paying off business debt can be difficult. If you don’t want to be liable for any sum of money your spouse received as part of their business activities, your only real option is to avoid co-signing or guaranteeing loans. Consulting with professionals to understand what your risks and options are is also crucial. They can also help you and your spouse deal with any financial hurdles the business may face.

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Can I Sell My Business During A Divorce?


Total income, belongings, and debts obtained within the marriage are generally marital belongings. Properties acquired individually prior to the marriage are considered  separate property and should not be burdened with the equitable distribution.

Properties in Florida are subjected to be divided equally during a divorce. As a matter of fact, even debts and other assets are to be distributed equally. If you undertake a business during your marriage, the business and the properties acquired during the marriage are deemed marital assets. Thus, should be divided between the spouses equally.

As a rule, a spouse may sell his or her business during a divorce especially if the subject property is a property not acquired during the marriage and not part of the marital property regime. However, if the other spouse has  ownership rights too, the spouse who sold the property is obligated to compensate the other.

The case for the dissolution of a marriage does not have an adverse effect on the practice of ownership rights, such as, but not limited to, the sale of real property. The compensation mentioned above relates to the equitable distribution principle where the real estate should always be divided fairly. Yet, most of the time, the courts apply the absolute community property rule where spouses should observe the equal distribution of the properties.

On the other hand, if the spouse is part of the business undertaking, his or her share from the real estate should always be appraised to identify the fair distribution of the property. The actual valuation process would be very important to determine the property’s actual value.

Moreover, if the Divorce case affects a business, the business may have its own Attorney to protect its interests.

In determining the equal distribution of such an asset, debts are also factored in because a spouse is not only entitled to the asset value, but also the debt associated with the business. So, the overall value would have a net amount, the value minus the debts associated with the business, and the court will ultimately determine the division as such between Husband and Wife.

Every court in Florida has a status court order that provides guidelines to the parties regarding how marital properties be disposed of. The court may additionally evaluate marital properties to determine the valuation of the properties during the time of the dissolution of marriage. As part of the process, the court may observe corrective measures when it proves that the parties undertook actions to hide assets or destroyed properties in anticipation of the divorce. Moreover, the court may acquire the discovery procedures to learn more about the property subject to distribution, which may require the submission of bank statements, monetary statements of investments, and other similar in nature.

Under Florida divorce law, an “equitable distribution” of the marital assets and liabilities is mandatory. This  covers both real and personal properties acquired or obtained during the marriage period. As a general rule, the courtroom will divide marital assets and liabilities 50/50 except when the fair share principle applies.

If real estate is subjected to a sale as part of the divorce process, the accurate determination of the partition is strongly advised to be officially recorded.

If you have owned a business during your marriage, speak with an experienced family law attorney to better understand your rights and options.

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How does collaborative divorce work in Florida?

collaborative divorce

In Florida, the process of filing a divorce is not always adversarial. Due to the collaborative divorce, the State of Florida is also recognizing the procedure that complements the “no-fault principle” of the Florida Statutes.

Through this legal procedure, the spouses together with their legal counsels may come up with an agreement as to how they are going to facilitate the process of divorce, provided that such methodology warrants the compliance mandated by law. This method promotes the avoidance of litigation to come up with the settlement without the court’s intervention.
In this essence, the law on collaborative divorce is advocating voluntary conduct of several of marriage bond between the opposing parties. They will be the ones to stipulate the common agreement that is favorable to both parties.
The emphasis with the collaborative divorce is the conduct of amicable settlement where the divorce case may be carried out faster as compared to the traditional approach.
The conduct of this effort is to protect both the rights of the parties by putting an end to their disagreements and ill-tempered feelings through a non-adversarial forum. This approach is fair as it provides a venue for both parties to disclose their sentiments and meet halfway to settle their disputes. That being said, this process is a procedure for a win-win negotiation because issues are resolved amicably and the demand of the parties is stipulated for their utmost satisfaction.
There is no right time as to when the collaborative divorce should be requested because parties may agree before the case is filed in court or until the other relevant issues are resolved first.
 How Does a Collaborative Divorce Work?
The process is simple. Both parties should be well-represented by their respective Fort Myers divorce lawyer. The presence of the lawyers is to ensure that the rights of their clients are safeguarded. Moreover, the lawyers may provide legal insights every time the clients opt to agree on anything to guide the latter on making their wise decisions.
When parties decided to undergo a collaborative divorce, an initial meeting will be facilitated to draft the agreement. As part of the process, major issues are identified and, on the process, these issues are resolved based on the ground rules stipulated. Further, such an agreement should include the essential documents needed to materialize the stipulations. Furthermore, the agreement does not resort to the intervention of the court system to determine the issues at hand.
Collaborative divorce has the following advantages:
  1. Parties may have the full management and control over the outcome of the agreement;
  2. Parties will be more satisfied with the result as they already aired their sentiments and due participation is recognized;
  3. Lower costs are spent by the individual party compared when the case is submitted for resolution after actual court litigation;
  4. A faster and just resolution will be agreed upon;
  5. Less stress will be experienced by the parties as there is no adversarial proceeding anymore.
Other relevant issues like child supportalimonychild custodyand separation agreement, may also be resolved as a consequence of the amicable settlement.
If you are in dire need of the legal services of a Cape Coral divorce lawyeryou may get in touch with Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney. We already have series of experiences about the cases of divorce, and collaborative divorce, among others, is our specialty. We can help you facilitate your divorce smoothly and effectively without experiencing a heart-breaking and burdensome confrontation.
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What To Know About Child Custody In Florida

child custody
When a married couple undergoes a divorce, certain matters need to be thoroughly discussed to make the process beneficial for both parties and most especially for any children involved.
Try to remember the choices you and your ex make now will affect your child’s development and your relationship with the child for years and years. While the best interests of the child can be difficult to quantify, some factors which may determine best interests include:
  • Physical health of each parent;
  • The mental health of each parent;
  • Religious considerations;
  • Cultural considerations;
  • If the child is old enough, or mature enough, the wishes of the child;
  • The support and opportunity for interaction with extended family members;
  • The need for the continuation of a stable home environment;
  • For special needs children, the manner in which each parent addresses those needs;
  • The age and sex of the child;
  • The ability of the child to adjust to changes in school or community;
  • The relationship of the child with siblings and other members of the household;
  • One parent’s excessive discipline of the child;
  • Emotional abuse directed at the child by one parent;
  • Any pattern of domestic violence, and
  • Evidence of parental drug, alcohol, or child/sex abuse.
Dealing With Child Custody Issues
The laws vary from state to state, so it’s important to talk with a qualified, experienced divorce/paternity lawyer when dealing with types of child custody issues. Getting the Florida child custody help and advice you deserve is as easy as filling out the form on this site or picking up the phone and giving us a call. Atty. Mellany Marquez-Kelly from Marquez-Kelly Law will fight for your child custody rights. Don’t leave a decision this important to chance – get help from a proven winner, a true professional, speak to a Florida child custody attorney. 
If the divorcing parties have disagreements regarding child custody/parental responsibility, then the matter will have to be decided by the courts.
It must be understood that the same rules are applied by Florida courts. The child’s well-being and safety are considered first and foremost.
This is decided through an evaluation of some factors, which may include the parents’ ability to support the child;
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • The moral fitness of each parent;
  • Geographic matters
  • History of abuse
  • Violence within the family
Older children who are mature enough to make decisions for themselves can be allowed by the courts to make a preference.
Two Kinds of Custody in Florida 
  1. Legal custody:  determines which parent makes larger decisions regarding the child’s life, such as education and disciplinary decisions.
  2. Physical custody: gets to be the one the child will live with. Parental responsibility also comes in two forms, sole or shared.
In Florida, shared parental responsibility is usually encouraged by the courts if possible, as it gives both parents the privilege to share care and support with their children.
Child Custody Attorney In Florida 
When it comes to discussing child custody in Fort Myers, FloridaAtty. Mellany Marquez-Kelly is the person to approach. Having practiced family law for many years, Atty. Mellany has the expertise and experience to provide you with successful legal counsel and has the aggressiveness to protect your rights and that of your children’s when required. She has a thorough understanding of Florida law and has helped many residents in Southwest Florida receive favorable resolutions to their family law matters. For a FREE half-hour consultation, contact the law office of Atty. Mellany Marquez-Kelly at 239-214-0403.

The Consequences For Failure To Pay Child Support In Cape Coral, Florida

child support

Parents have the legal obligation to provide child support in Fort Myers, FL even if the parents are divorced because the well-being of the child is their utmost obligation.

Need Help Getting Child Support? 
Florida’s child support laws can be complex. If you are not receiving child support payments that are owed to you or have other issues related to child support in Florida, it can create a difficult financial situation for you and your family. Don’t go it alone; get help from an experienced Florida family law attorney like Marquez-Kelly Law.
The determination of the fair payment of money for the child support claim is in accordance with the following agencies:
Below you’ll find other relevant information regarding child support in Florida. A child support enforcement claim is basically imposed until the child’s 18th birthday, provided:

  • The latter has already completed his high school education
  • Not in any way incapacitated.
1. If it is found the parent willfully failed to pay child support, they can receive the following penalties:
  • Suspension of a driver’s license or vehicle registration;
  • Pay a fine;
  • Bank accounts may be seized;
  • An income tax refund may be seized;
  • Jail or prison time.
2. For non-custodial parents who refuses to pay:
Considering:  The State has already taken the appropriate measures, the court may :
  • Hold the defendant in contempt.
  • May be imprisoned until the child support amount is paid.
  • May suspend the non-custodial parent’s Driver’s license too until the child support claim has complied or the defendant agrees to comply with the payment.
When payments are not made for more than a year, or the outstanding owed amount of a child support claim is more than $5,000, the Federal Government may act through the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).
  • The OIG’s office has the authority to impose penalties such as fines and up to 6 months imprisonment or both.
3. If the non-custodial parent decided to evade the court’s directive to provide the required child’s support: 
  • Florida has the authority to secure payment by re-establishing the previous order to the other concerned state.
  • To reestablish the child support obligation, a certified copy of the child support order must be filed to the court of the other state together with the child support order.
  • Thereafter, a relevant notice is given to the non-custodial parent for information and reference.
4. If the court opted not to declare the defendant in contempt, the court has the authority to conduct:
  • Bank account seizure and directly apply money for payment to the child support claim, provided, the amount due is more than $600.
  • The court may likewise deduct the child support payment from the non-custodial parent’s income by withholding the money from their paycheck to cover the overdue amount as well as the future payments.
  • the court may confiscate payments from federal and state tax returns, and it may even intercept other monetary benefits like worker’s compensation to enforce its order.
Get Help Today From An Experienced Child Support Attorney
The concern about child support claims requires an experienced and confidently well-versed Child Support Attorney in  Fort Myers, FL  to ensure success. For your Child Support Lawyer needs, you may contact Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney or call 239-214-0403.

What Are the Benefits of Shared Child Custody In Fort Myers, FL?

The shared child custody in Fort Myers, FL is psychologically advantageous to the child as he can emotionally connect to both of his parents.

To date, the rate of having a single parent is getting popular not only Fort Myers, FL but all over the US. Study shows that children not living in a well-functioning two parents families have several disadvantages because they will experience higher risk-taking behavior.

In contrast, children living with their two biological parents may lead to better health. This is true because both parents provide close supervision and support to the child that will even boost his trust and confidence.

In short, the idea of keeping the family intact has an affirmative response to the overall personality and behavior of the child.

All of the above thoughts are the ideal concepts, while in reality, married couples also encounter distress in their marriage that started to break the family.

When the couple opted to sever their marriage by filing a case for divorce, other legal issues will likewise arise like the alimony, child custody, and support.

The court usually provides the utmost support to the child and weigh things over where the child’s interests and rights may fully be protected and upheld, respectively.

The court upholds equity where it typically directs a parent to provide financial support to the other not until the latter may financially support herself.

In short, the court utilizes its discretion to apply and serve justice to the parties because of the principle of no-fault divorce. True, Florida is a no-fault divorce and either party may file a divorce for the dissolution of their marriage and the court may only seek the ground that such marriage is irretrievably broken already and it can act over it affirmatively.

If you are in Fort Myers, FL and you are in dire need to initiate a case for divorce, alimony, child support, and modification of custody, it is highly recommended to avail the professional legal services of Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney. She is an efficient and experienced lawyer who honed herself to master the field of family law. Visit and learn about her at

Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney has been practicing family law for the past several years providing her clients with the utmost Psychological and Legal Support. She specializes in the following:

a. Child Support

- This is the typical problem after the dissolution of marriage. The issue of child support is a sensitive and serious concern because it is the child’s future is at stake.

b. Alimony 

- The court shows high regard to the parent with high-salary and directs him to support the other parent until she can strongly support herself financially.

c. Modification of Custody

- The family court prioritizes the interest and rights of the child and it frequently exercises its right to modify the child custody to grant the custody to the financially and psychologically able parent in compliance with the rule of fairness. But support may be directed to both of them to provide the financial support to the child.

Do not burden yourself with too much stress and let the Child Custody lawyer Cape Coral handle the case, that is, Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney.

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Things to Discuss with your Cape Coral Family Lawyer When Planning to File a Divorce

The establishment of a family is one decent engagement to be undertaken because it is the basic unit of society.

This is the chief reason why the state provides the utmost protection and support to the sustenance of the family unless otherwise, the marriage of the couple is irreparable.
To severe such marriage, it should undergo a court proceeding through the observance of the civil procedure of divorce. Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage by terminating the marital union and the cancellation of the entailing marital duties and responsibilities to one another. In short, it is the dissolution of the marriage bond between the couple under the rule of law of the State of Florida.
The dissolution of a marriage is difficult for all parties including their children. It is like closing an old stage of the couple’s life and opening a new chapter.
However, this process of marriage dissolution is perplexing because it ravels with child support and child custody as well as the partition of real properties.
If you are in Fort Myers, Florida and you are in dire need to look for a Fort Myers divorce lawyer, you should consider availing the professional services of Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney. 
Mellany Marquez-Kelly of Marquez-Kelly Law has already gained experience in the ups and downs of the dissolution of marriage as she honed herself nurture compassion to help facilitate the successful legal outcome of the divorce. As a matter of fact, she is compassionate to the legal practice particular related to family law and this is the reason why she is also a dedicated a Cape Coral divorce lawyer
Apart from the above credential, Mellany Marquez-Kelly has likewise developed expertise in the following fields:
a.    Child Support
- Every time a couple dissolves their marriage; the next problem would be the child support because the child would surely be put under the custody of a custodial parent and the other non-custodial parent should need to provide financial support as his contribution to the process of raising the child.
b.    Alimony
 In cases one of the parties is not financially stable especially if she is the aggrieved party, the court may order to the high-paying party to provide financial support to the other one until she can personally support herself already.
c.    Child Custody
- The family court is always equitable but it usually tilts to the interest of the child, thus, it grants the custody of the child to a parent that can provide him/her with his/her emotional and financial needs.
d.    Separation Agreement 
- As part of the dissolution of marriage, other matters such as child support, alimony, and child custody should be resolved also. However, this is always the case, where the couple could hardly resolve their respective issues and the law of Fort Myers, Fl family could not be applied without bias. Thus, the rule of law of another State will now be utilized to resolve their differences.
These are the matters that you should discuss with your Fort Myers Family Lawyer when planning to file a divorce.
If you are in Fort Myers or Cape Coral, Florida, you may avail of the professional legal services of Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney to ensure the utmost protection of your rights and properties. Visit our the official website to learn more about the complete details at
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10 Best Family Lawyers in Cape Coral, FL

One of the most important things to ensure that your family law case will succeed is to consider availing the services of reputable, experienced, and professional Family Lawyers in Fort Myers, Florida.

Family Law is sensitive litigation involving matters, which are closely related to the parties’ emotions as they usually pertain to the differences of the parties concerning their relationships. This is so because it involves personal issues such as but not limited to the dissolution of marriageprenuptial agreements, paternitychild support and custody, marital settlement agreements, and other domestic violence.

Basically, the best Fort Myers Family Lawyers to hire is the one with the deep anchored experiences about the issue or the one who already handled similar cases in the past to a higher degree of complexities. This approach will determine whether or not the case will make or break the case.

If the Attorney does not have the intensive litigation experience about a particular divorce case, for instance, he or she will not be able to relate and sustain the case without emerging himself or herself into the emotional aspect of the situation. In comparison with the one that already handled several cases of divorce, this Attorney could surely provide both the legal and emotional support to the clients to pacify their depressed emotions but at the same time provides strong and sturdy legal assistance. The advantage of the latter is the fact that this lawyer has the clear blueprint already on how to carry out the basic and complicated undertakings concerning a family law case without anymore undergoing trial and error engagement.

In Fort Myers, there are several proficient Family Law Attorneys and the 10 most effective and popular ones are the following:

1. Douglas Evan Spiegel
- His law practice is focused only on Family Law and equally distributes his time divorce and separation, child support, family, and alimony.

2. Theresa Daniels
-Practices mainly on the wills and living wills, social security, child custody, divorce and separation, probate and estate planning

3. Eviana J Martin
-She prioritized bankruptcy and debt cases, personal injury, family, and car accidents.

4. Guichard St. Surin
-He practices exclusive cases on family, divorce and separation, child custody, child support and domestic violence.

5. John Dawson Mills
-He handles divorce and criminal law.

6. Allan Thomas Griffith
-He practices mainly on bankruptcy and debt, family estate planning, probate, and divorce, and separation.

7. Linda Holly Fried
-She accepts cases on family, alimony, child custody, and divorce, and separation.

8. Michele Suzanne Belmont
-She carries out divorce and separation, family, probate, wills and living wills and foreclosure.

9. Lisa Diane Haba
-Criminal defense, family, immigration, and lawsuits and disputes.

10. Mellany Marquez-Kelly
These Family Law Attorneys are proficient as far as their respective fields are concerned. If we are going to evaluate each one of them, they have sufficient experiences about divorce and separation on top of the criminal law and bankruptcy cases.

However, only one of the above-cited Attorneys has the expertise on the real estate law, which is imperative for the process of bargaining during the dissolution of the marriage. That being said, only Mellany Marquez-Kelly has the working tool to professionally formulate plans and actions for the advantage of her clients in terms of equitable distribution of marital properties, which were obtained during the marriage.

* Divorce
* Child Custody
* Child Support
* Domestic Violence
* Minor Guardianship
* Paternity Issues
* Change of Domicile
* Separation Agreement
* Modification of Final Judgments
* Prenuptial / Postnuptial Agreements
* Same-Sex Divorce & Adoption

Professional Accomplishments

* In addition, Attorney Marquez-Kelly is a board member of the Association Of Family Law Practitioners in Lee County.
* Member of the Florida Bar Association since 2007
* Member of the United States District Court,
Middle District of Florida since 2008
* Founded Marquez-Kelly Law in 2013

Phone Number: 239-214-0403

A piece of in-depth knowledge and skills on the method of undertaking an equitable distribution of the real estate as a result of the dissolution of marriage is an integral part of the divorce case that is always appended to it for resolution. In essence, if your Family Law Attorney is not trained on the advanced concepts of real estate law, he or she might always agree whatever might be advised by the adverse party without undertaking a smart or intelligent move to negotiate or renegotiate for the disadvantage of his or her clients.

In view of the foregoing, it is absolutely a sharp-witted move to avail the services of Mellany Marquez-Kelly, if you are in Fort Myers, FL or in the adjacent areas, in order to protect your real property rights and interests as well as to secure the future of your future family.

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